Monday, June 23, 2008

MPs’ tax resistance an act of treason!

Bunge La Mwananchi led by George Nyongesa and other brave patriots are one of the few groups left truly campaigning at the grassroots for peace, truth and justice:

When Minister for Finance, Hon. Kimunya, read the 2008/9 budget, the devil indeed lay in the reaction to the details. The budget that was initially described as “people-friendly” and “food for growth” turned into a short-lived political tranquilizer after it failed to halt the unchecked increase in food prices. However, even as our people are reduced to eating rats and carcasses of wild animals to fend off hunger, the debate on high food prices seems to have taken a backseat and our preoccupation is the question of whether Members of Parliament should join the taxpayers army. For sure, as expected of our lawmakers, they are not taking this perceived attack on their obscene pay perks without kicking up a storm of a protest. That leads us to ask, what is the purpose of tax?

According to Wikipedia, tax is a pecuniary burden laid upon individuals or property to support the government. It is not a voluntary payment or donation, but an enforced contribution. The purpose of tax is for government to raise money to build schools, roads and hospitals and for indirect functions like justice and redistribution of wealth from the richer to the poorer, thereby checking inequalities.

At a time when our country is experiencing inflation estimated at 31 percent, it is important to note that taxation is used for countering inflationary pressures on the economy and better still, Kenya Revenue Authority tells us that kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea. Considering our Members of Parliament ferocious resistance to taxation, one asks, are our lawmakers against building of roads; against redistribution of wealth; against a just society; against checking inflation and, worst of all, against our country’s independence? Why should a parliamentarian with total income of KES 877,000 expect a worker who earns a paltry KES 12,000 to foot the bills of constructing roads on which they drive their fuel guzzlers, for the garbage collection in their posh estates, for building hospitals which they quickly claim and brand as their own projects in campaign speeches?

The above mentioned facts are admissible evidence that our legislators’ protest against taxation is nothing less than disloyalty and betrayal of our country, tantamount to treason! Therefore, the following: Peter Keneth – Gatanga, MP; George Nyamweya- Nominated MP; Boni Khalwale- Ikolomani, MP; Danson Mungatana- Garsen, MP; Soita Shitanda- Malava, MP; Ali Hassan Joho- Hamisi, MP; Charles Keter- Belgut, MP; David Koech-; Fred Kapondi- Mt. Elgon, MP; Charles Kilonzo-Yatta, MP; Sammy Mwaita- Baringo Central, MP; Ephraim Maina-Mathira, MP and others not listed but equally guilty must immediately be charged for treason!

Between 1763-1776, Americans used “no taxation without representation” as a slogan to summarize their grievances against British rule. Today, we must paraphrase that slogan and say to our parliamentarians “no representation without taxation”; for representation without taxation is tyranny! (By George Nyongesa - Bunge La Mwananchi)

The MARS GROUP have published an article showing that there is a lot more at stake than the just the MPs getting away without paying taxes. The Financial Budget this year has taken public theft one step further with budget lines such as 2 BILLION for HOSPITALITY!

Click HERE to read the full article.

Click HERE to find the contacts of your MP and ask him to wake up!

Click HERE to sign the petition demanding MPs to reduce their salaries and give back land to the people!!


Phil said...

MPs are fighting a loosing battle.

All the political leaders have concurred on this point and wananchi are right behind them.

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slb said...

It's time to throw the tea into the harbor ...