Monday, March 3, 2008

Where we are financially

So the politicians have signed their deals, and after all that hard work at the five star Serena have decided to take a break and have been given a nice fat bonus package for all the effort they have put in to...what is that they do?
Yes, it's over. Kofi Annan has left urging us to get on with life. We have a lot to do or as a poet once said, "Miles to go before we sleep"
But, we can do it and thanks to everyone, we have substantial funds to help continue addressing the immediate humanitarian crises and initiate some sort of reconstruction process. We have collected £9037 in total!! Ladies in Action have done so much with your support and they can do so much more.

We are no longer appealing for funds but will continue to put regular updates on how the remaining funds are being spent. You all reached out to us in Kenya and now we hope we can return the favour by rebuilding Kenya to the country you all know and love....Thank you.


Sukuma Kenya said...

From Penny and family:

"Thanks goes to you guys for your commitment and determination to make something ggod out of something so bad.Much love, Penny et al"

Sukuma Kenya said...

Shahid Gani from the UK says,
"well done. glad to hear things are impoving everyday.keep strong."

Anonymous said...

Meltem Sasaoglu from New York, "I am happy to hear that things are starting to look a bit better for Kenya. As long as there is hope, we know we are still alive, right? :)
What you guys and 'Ladies in Action' are doing is really amazing, and I want to say I am really proud of being your friend and proud of you."

Anonymous said...

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the regular updates and to all of the team for doing such a grand job. Love to you all, Anjli"