Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rising from the ashes?

Kisumu appears to be on the rise again as our friends, family and local reporters tell us. Business is back to usual for the better part of it but there is still a huge problem with Luos who have been forced to leave their homes upcountry and find somewhere to settle in their traditional areas.
As mentioned Ladies in Action are focusing on the Internally Displaceed people as much as possible. Yesterday, they went to a place called Mutumbu, 55kms out of Kisumu close to the Ugandan border as they had heard there were 33 people with next to nothing who depserately needed help. It turns out that there were 60 people! Nevertheless, Ladies in Action had carried enought supplies to get everyone going with what they call a business package consisting of basic items like omena (small fish), wheat flour and oil which they can use to start a small business cooking for people. They also provided them with seeds, and planting tools.
I just want to express a special thanks to the few individuals that make up Ladies in Action. Whilst most of us are trying to get back to our normal lives, they will continue as long as it takes...

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