Thursday, April 9, 2009

"It's Our Turn to Eat" - Available as an e-book

"It's Our Turn to Eat" - The book that everyone in Kenya is too scared to sell available as an e-book (understandable as our cronies in power are looking for any excuse to practice that big new word they learned - XTRA JUDISAL KIRINGS

Now you can buy it and download it from Harper Collins as an e-book for just £5.56

I love the web! And a hat tip to the hAndy man on the Hill...


Anonymous said...

seems molasses raila has eaten until all he thinks about is to pupu in public. maize scandal hands over his neck like a necklace, mau forest is owned by ODM, and the list is endless.

raila's fat wife nowadays cant even make public appearance, she is about to explode...


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