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During the tribal clashes and their aftermath Slum TV has documented the stories on the streets of Mathare. We believe that the focus on inter-tribal violence only tells half the story. Our films show the other side, telling stories of hope. The newsreel includes:

Mr Onyango’s Neighbours – Mr Onyango has lived in an ethnically mixed part of Mathare since 1969. During the skirmishes people fled from his area as they no longer trusted their neighbours from different tribes. Mr Onyango refused to leave his home and he tells us why.

Tell Tale for Peace – Young men who took part in the violence came together for a workshop for peace. They discussed why they had been swept up in the violence, and how they could prevent this ever happening again.

Nancy’s Story – During the troubles Nancy, 7 months pregnant, was evicted from her home. She was left with no food or shelter. 2 months later Slum TV went to find out from the people of Mathare how we could have let this happen, and why.

The newsreel will be followed by the prize winning film from the ‘Mtaa Film Fest’, an inter-slum 48 hour film competition. Dear Mama tells the story of a single mother living in the Mathare IDP camp, and how she is forced to hustle for her survival.

The screening ends with a forthcoming episode of Makutano Junction. Here a fictional Kenyan town becomes divided and former friends turn on one another. It explores how resolution comes about and peace returns.

Makutanto Junction is produced by Medeae. Airs Thursdays, 7:50 on KBC.

Slum TV trains young people in audio visual skills to enable them to tell their story in their own words. Our mission is to document the stories and histories of the people of Mathare. We share these stories through public screenings, the slum video booth network and online at

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